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Essential Considerations When Choosing a Telecom System for Your Business


Having the right telephone system is crucial to the efficiency of communication and overall success of every business. If you're looking to purchase a new phone system for your business, you may be overwhelmed by the great number of options available, not to mention the confusing terminology. To be able to pick the right system, there are a number of considerations you must make. Here are 4 of them:




It's important to think about what features are essential for the communication needs of your business. Some of the features available with modern phone systems include call forwarding, voice to email transcription, call holding, conference calls, auto attendant service, etc. For many small businesses, some of these features are important, but not all of them are necessary. You must understand the features that are absolutely necessary in order to avoid paying for features that are nice to have, but don't really serve any purpose.


Cost considerations


The cost of your telecom solution will ultimately boil down to the equipment you buy and the monthly costs you incur. For many small and businesses, investing in on-premises PBX telephone systems can be costly. A good solution would be to buy Voip Phone UAE and then use a virtual PBX. For medium and large businesses, as well as fast growing enterprises, an on-premises IP PBX system may be the better option, as it's much more flexible and robust. You still enjoy the features of VoIP, but have more in-house control of the system, and you don't incur monthly subscription fees.




Before investing in any kind of phone system, it is important to consider the future needs of your business. How much growth do you anticipate in the next two years? Many business owners have been force to buy entirely new phone systems because upgrading their current system was deemed impractical. This is why it's important to choose a system that can grow with your needs.


Training and support


When buying your Avaya UAE system, it is important to work with a dealer that offers addition installation, training and support services. Unless you have an in-house IT department to handle the training as well as maintenance of the system, you will want to have your staff trained. You will also need reliable customer service so that technical hitches are fixed as soon as possible. So find out what level of support is provided by your dealer before you commit to their services.